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Motivation: Custom-Made

Our turnkey programs are tailored to your program objectives and budget

  • Basic Rewards Program: Earn points. Redeem them. Get great stuff. It’s that simple!
  • Businesses/Corporations: Create a following and new business opportunities with our corporate program.
  • Casinos: Whether you want to target high rollers or purchase items for giveaways, we have you covered.
  • Dealer Incentive: We can offer dealers premiums when purchasing a certain number of the offered item within a given time frame.
  • Employee Rewards: Reward your employees with items they want and watch their productivity soar.
  • Fulfillment: With our fulfillment program, there’s no need to join or become a member. Just send us your order for goods and we’ll do the rest at wholesale prices.
  • Gift Certificates: With great pricing, you can create attractive gift certificate options.
  • Schools/Organizations: From alumni associations to fraternal organizations, we can offer you unique programs and products to increase individual participation and brand recognition.
  • Professional Athletes: Give athletes contract incentives in lieu of monetary rewards. You save money while providing your athletes with the goods they want.
  • Bowl Game & Tournament Gifts: For special games and tournaments, give your student athletes a taste of the majors, with high value, In demand electronics and lifestyle gifts.
  • Sales Incentives: Keep your team efficient and striving for more. With sales incentives, you get immediate feedback as to what’s successful and what’s not, keeping you ahead of the game.

Why use premium programs?
The most comprehensive and successful compensation and marketing programs are apt to require a "push" from time to time. Premium and Incentive campaigns offer firms an opportunity to realize greater gains by providing a "motivational push". Whether the goal is to boost incremental sales, improve employee performance, gain greater dealer participation or simply to get a fast start on a new sales promotion, motivational "value added" programs are often the way to ensure success. If used correctly, they support the overall corporate strategy while achieving clear and specific goals.

What a Premium/Incentive Program Offers?
Incentive programs are a cost effective, non-salary way to recognize specific or extra achievements of clearly identified goals by individuals and/or groups. With appropriate planning and communications, they can harness the power of competition to help you meet your goals. Incentive programs are often the key ingredients that make the difference between a terrific result and one that is only mediocre.

Premiums and Incentives can take many forms, from personal recognition awards to cash bonuses, travel, and merchandise. Premiums may simply be awarded to express appreciation for past service, such as retirement gifts and service award gifts. They may also act to motivate higher levels of achievement. The choice between motivators or rewards can influence the success of your program. Premiums and Incentives are used in virtually every type of business. According to an Incentive Magazine survey of their readers (Fall, 2010), the level of spending for incentive use reached $90 Billion in 2010.

Be Selective!
The choice of motivators should complement the company's image, other programs and the theme of a particular incentive campaign. Your final choice should consider the demographics of the group you are trying to motivate. Before dealing with your choice of motivators you must first clearly establish the objective of your program.

The Difference Between Premiums and Incentives?
While the words "premiums" and "incentives" are often used interchangeably, premiums have generally come to mean lower-cost items given away free to consumers on condition of a purchase. Incentives generally refer to "higher ticket" products earned as a result of completing some action or given as a result of an action. Premiums can also be used effectively within the company itself to motivate sales people.

Again, the key to success is the type of incentive used, and the sales force's attainment of those goals The growing sophistication of American marketing and promotion strategies has made the use of incentives an essential component of many marketing programs. Incentives are used to introduce new products, for early buying, line extensions, or as a temporary tactic where a more permanent solution is not appropriate.

Whether the company sells to other businesses or retail, incentives help ensure maximum productivity and performance. The marketing objective may be to increase distribution of the product. A dealer incentive is a premium offered to a dealer with the condition that he purchases a certain number of the offered item within a certain time frame.